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Greetings beloved and welcome to the home of Jaketha (pronounced Jah-key-tha) better known as  The Divinely Preserved Healer. If you are here, its certainly not by happenstance. Go ahead, take a scroll around our site. But just so you know, I am a holistic coach, a registered yoga instructor, and spiritual healer, providing tele-health wellness services to career-oriented women throughout the continental USA (except where prohibited by law). Sessions are provided 100% online and are conducted through a secure video conferencing platform. If, after your scroll, you find that you are ready to prioritize your self-care, then let’s connect via my periodic newsletter, social media, or jump head first into being a client. The choice is yours. <Namaste>

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holistic coach, yoga instructor, energy healer

I'm Jah-Key-tha, an technology director turn "follow your dreams/destiny" fanatic. I've always valued being a life-long learner who knows alot but is humbled enough to know there's always still more to learn. As career-oriented women, we know a thing or two about taking care of our circle. Whether you are a wife, mom, business professional or the like, I'm sure you have a hard time putting yourself first and you're probably ready for that to change! I hope that you sit back and take a load off as you explore our offerings here and on The Divinely Preserved Healer site.

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2021: The Year of Manifested Change…

2020 ushered in the realization through transformation of the change(s) we need to make in 2021 for realization of our soul’s purpose and the overall evolution/elevation of humanity via Christ Consciousness. #dphealer 2021 Brings Change on Your Terms In mid-October 2020, I wrote “2020 is/was about TRANSFORMATION and 2021 will be about CHANGE.” In other […]

2020: A Year in Review

For years, I’ve known something would happen in this world to make nearly everyone go mad if not become extremely paranoid. At the same time, I thought it was just all in my head that is until around mid-February of 2020 when the madness literally “took flight” right here in my corner of the so-called […]

From New Age to Jesus?!?

Spiritual Speed Bump Ahead… Before we begin, let me say this! I was raised in the church for the majority of my life. I spent the first 30+ years of my life sitting on a pew, faithfully attending church and paying tithes too. So I’ve sat on the pew AND I’ve been behind the pulpit […]

2020: The Year of Transformation?

A few weeks before everything went haywire here in the States due to COVID-19, someone approached me out the blue asking: “So what do you think about this?” Unsure of how to answer her, I opted to keep it strictly professional. Of course, she redirected me by indicating she wanted to know what I was […]

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