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Greetings Beloved!

Welcome to my online home. If you are here, it’s certainly not by happenstance. While you’re here, come on in and take a virtual scroll or seat. Holistically speaking, I provide services primarily to career-oriented women actively working “9-5” while secretly holding an inner seed for their wildest hopes and wishes. Yes, we all know how to dream big, but few take the appropriate steps (or stay the course long enough) to bring their dreams to fruition. So allow me beloved to share some of my soil, light (sun), water…with you as we “partner” together to plant your seed(s), watch them take root and sprout, and blossom into all your dreams come true – all in divine timing of course. Enjoy your stay and until we meet again…Namaste, Jaketha #dphealer

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Greetings Beloved,

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Whether you, dear reader, are a devoted wife/partner, parent, employee or entrepreneur, you know a thing or two about putting everyone else before yourself. What many are unwaare of is that we carry around an unheard cry, a longing for more time, more money, more peace. Sometimes more can be issued in through a small act of self-love such as through a massage or a pedicure. Or, it can come on a larger scale, say through starting or expanding a successful business or going after a much-desired raise or promotion. Perhaps you've reached that point where you finally ready to go after your more but have become weary and well-doing. Through these pages, I share some of story so you know that you aren't alone in your journey.💜
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